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Our articles and books cover a range of topics relevant to the career development of scientists: career options, skill development and science communication, to name just a few. We exclusively write for high-quality publications like Science Careers, Naturejobs, Chemistry World or Nachrichten aus der Chemie.

Our articles and books for scientists

In this section you can find links to the original articles, sometimes with a translation to English and/ or the texts themselves. Please consider our copyright when using these texts


Science Careers

See Karin´s author profile from Science Careers. P. Gramlich and D. M. Giltner (TurningScience) contributed to these articles.


Bodewits, K.


Bodewits, K.

Nachrichten aus der Chemie

The career columns we write for Nachrichten aus der Chemie are published in German. We are in the process of translating them to English, see the small but growing selection below. 



See here the list of the German originals:









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Karin regularly writes the series ‘Career Fables’ for Science Careers. In these stories, a fictional story close to typical real-life experiences of scientists is used to introduce relevant and thought-provoking ideas.
Karin´s author page

Philipp regularly writes career columns for Nachrichten aus der Chemie
Philipp´s author page


We interview professionals from various fields about their careers: how did you get the job, how is it to work in your profession and how do you use social media to leverage your professional success.

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