Everything you don´t learn in the lab

Soft skills for scientists

Science communication, career development and (self-) management

NaturalScience.Careers offers workshops and talks for natural- and life scientists since 2012. We specialise in soft skills topics. In other words, we cover all the wonderful things you don´t learn in the lab but make you more effective and employable. We are a team of nine trainers, all with a science background (MSc-, PhD- or even Prof- level). We offer our services to  PhD students, postdocs and group leaders worldwide.

Workshop Highlights

Our workshops and talks for scientists: As online- and in-house events - worldwide


Stress management for scientists

When stress becomes excessive, it can significantly disrupt work performance. Learning to cope with stress successfully is crucial for career progression and life satisfaction.

PhD career options skills

PhD, and next?

So, you finally have a science degree- or will in the future. What to do with it? Are all doors open to you or is there still a lot of work to be done?


Dr. Karin Bodewits and Dr. Philipp Gramlich

Scientific background with teaching and facilitation experiences

Together, we bring experiences from a wide range of STEM fields to the table: chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, computer science, and mathematics. Having the same background as our course participants makes our workshops and talks very relatable and relevant to the professional lives of scientists.

Gramlich Bodewits NSC founders

Talk Highlights

Online- und in-house Talks for scientists

Harvard Negotiation Principles

Harvard Negotiation Principles

Let´s explore how the Harvard Negotiation Principles can help us become better negotiators. Is negotiation ‘cheap’, as in haggling at a flea market? Is it appropriate when discussing important things like contracts?



Books and articles for the career development of scientists

Our articles and books cover a range of topics relevant to the career development of scientists: career options, skill development and science communication, to name just a few. We exclusively write for high-quality publications like Science Careers, Naturejobs, Chemistry World or Nachrichten aus der Chemie.

Karin Bodewits – Career Fables (Science Careers)

Karin regularly writes the series ‘Career Fables’ for Science Careers. In these stories, a fictional story close to typical real-life experiences of scientists is used to introduce relevant and thought-provoking ideas.

Karriereführer für Naturwissenschaftlerinnen

This book is a career guide for female natural scientists

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