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Negotiation skills


Duration: 2-3 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 1-1.5 workshop days

Course type: Online or in-house workshop

Trainer: Philipp Gramlich

Target group: All (PhD students to professors)

Negotiation does not only happen on the flea market. It is one of the most important professional skills for virtually every type of profession. And it gets more important the further you move up the ladder. Negotiations happen everywhere. If you happen to wear a three-piece suit at work it´s even more likely than if you have to slip into a chicken dress before work. And salary is by far not the only thing you´ll negotiate about throughout your (professional) life: how to distribute the work in your lab, how to handle noise in your office and how to get your kid to eat his veggies. All these more or less fierce conversations constitute negotiations. But is there anything you can do about your negotiation skills? Yes! Negotiating is a matter of practice like many others skills and can be learned. Many of the characteristics of a good negotiator are actually quite sympathetic ones and have nothing to do with ripping people off in shabby deals. The skills you need are building relationships, good communication and solid preparation.


Seminar contents


Salary negotiations

  • When to leave the table
  • Is it only the salary we´re talking about?
  • In which situations and when is negotiating appropriate?

Hard vs. soft

  • Do you need to be ‘tough’ to ‘win’ or is there a better way?
  • Does the relationship to the other side have to suffer?
  • Can I be assertive to my interests without being ‘bossy’?

Negotiations for conflict resolution

  • Getting the buy-in from the other side to form a lasting agreement
  • Tactics vs. open cards: when to choose which route?

Gender- and institutional perspective

  • Why are women earning less?
  • Can women ask for more without paying a social price?
  • “Why should I pay women more if they don´t ask for it?” The institutional perspective on the gender wage gap: overcoming the zero-sum game

Course flow

This seminar can be combined with the conflict management part of How to row the boat? – Leadership skills.

This course can be combined with the courses Convincing and debating and Oral presentation to give the integrated 4-day programme Argumentation and presentation.

This course can be used in the context of gender: why are women still earning less than men? We can give a special focus to biases and stereotypes. For PhD students and postdocs: how can we play this playing field more successfully? For PIs: How can we change the playing field towards fairer negotiations and do we want this at all?


Already interested to read more before enjoying our workshop

Harvard Law School, where the negotiation principles were developed, which we´re using in this workshop, hosts a Program on Negotiation, where you can find lots of texts and case studies on the topic.

In our own Career resources section, we have collected info about Salary and contract negotiations.


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