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Conflict management

Topic area
(Self-) management

Online or in-house workshop

4 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 2 workshop days

Philipp Gramlich 

Target group
PhD students, postdocs and junior group leaders


Conflicts are the moment of truth of any (working) relationship: scarce goods are redistributed, interests are clarified, and people can act as good colleagues or egomaniac tinpot dictators. When setting up our environment so that problems can come to the surface without leading to toxic conflicts, you’re on a good track to establishing healthy working environments. What if the conflict breaks out nonetheless? In this workshop, we’ll also learn to resolve conflicts using negotiation and mediation techniques, which we’ll train using real-life examples from the participants. And if that fails? For these cases, you need to know how to escalate in a professional way.
The techniques we discuss in this workshop are helpful both in leader and team member roles.


In this course you´ll learn about:


Open communication culture

  • How can a group of heterogeneous individuals communicate without excluding anyone?
  • Conducting one-on-ones
  • Toxic language: hidden pitfalls in our daily communication


Negotiation for conflict resolution

  • The Harvard Negotiation Principles: from salary negotiation to conflict cases
  • Participants’ cases analysed
  • Getting the buy-in from the other side to form a lasting agreement
  • Tactics vs. open cards: when to choose which route?



  • Define your role as a conflict party, team leader, or mediator
  • Mediation structure
  • Practice using case studies


Tuning the ‘temperature’ 

  • Deescalation: how to cool off the situation to prevent damage and to prepare for a constructive discussion
  • Escalation: if nothing else helps, this is the step that has to be done with the highest level of professionality

All participants receive a script of the course in PDF format for offline and future use so that they can work through the material offline as well as after the course. 


Course Flow Online Workshops

Day 1

Live Webinar

  • ‘Negotiation Principles
  • ‘Simple’ cases like salary negotiations


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Day 2

Live Webinar

  • Conflict stages
  • Mediation structure
  • Constructive conflicts


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Day 3

Live Webinar

  • Escalation
  • Conflict resolution using negotiation principles


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Day 4

Live Webinar

  • Real life cases conflict resolution


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Weeks 2-3

Individual and group course work (online and offline). Feedback from the course instructor.


This workshop is an in-depth version of the topic conflicts from our broader workshop Leadership skills: How to row the boat. The central part of the workshop conflict management is conflict resolution through negotiation. If you want to have a specialised format on this topic, you can also book our workshop Negotiation or our talk Harvard Negotiation Principles.

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