Staff selection, biases and stereotypes

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Duration: 1 day

Course type: In-house seminar

Trainer: Philipp Gramlich

Target group: Postdocs to professors

Number of participants: Max. 12

This seminar can be tailored to a gender-specific audience if desired

Career options for scientists

Most hiring processes are hotbeds of biases. Very often, we try to hire clones of ourselves, either deliberately or subconsciously. This in turn destroys any notion of wanting to hire ‘the best’. In this workshop, we´ll identify steps in the hiring process, where these biases arise and how we could possibly eliminate them in order to really hire ‘the best’. It´s a relevant exercise for everyone interested in how biases influence our work, not just hiring managers.

We won´t go into endless debates about nurture vs. nature, we won´t try to dig out what is really down to biological differences. Instead, we´ll have a clear focus on practical aspects, which can be used to improve our work environments. We´ll look at stereotypes and biases and how these influence our behaviour and how we´re perceived by our environment. The end result will be actionable steps to change our hiring practices. Much of the knowledge we gain about biases and stereotypes can be used in other work contexts as well.


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