Women in leadership

Seminar PDF

Duration: 2 days

Course type: In-house seminar

Trainer: Lisa Steinhauser

Target group: PhD students, Postdocs and junior group leaders

Number of participants: Max. 12

Being a leader has its own challenges. It takes good communication skills, the ability to give and receive feedback, some courage and trust in the own strengths as well as empathy and motivation. All these characteristics can be learned and developed. This workshop is tailor-made for female academics who want to learn self-management and team leading. In addition to general leadership topics, we will discuss gender-specific aspects.

Seminar contents


  • Awareness of professional and personal strengths
  • Development of own leadership style
  • Resilience
  • Self-organisation at work

Leadership and your team

  • Get to know the personalities of your team members
  • Personnel selection and team composition
  • Tasks and decision making as a leader

Conflicts and feedback

  • Critical situations and arguments
  • Dealing with difficult behavior
  • Communicating up and down

Career planning

  • Leadership as a decision
  • Building a professional network
  • Previously colleague, now group leader
  • Competitive situations

Equal rights

  • Legal situation
  • Women’s quota and promotion programmes
  • Bypass systematic errors
  • Pay gap

Femininity as strength

  • Emphasise your unique personality
  • See through hidden power games
  • Search for strategic support
  • To be more confident



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