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Harvard Negotiation Principles

Topic area
(Self-) management

Online or in-house talk

Philipp Gramlich 

Target group
All (PhD students to professors)


Let’s explore how the Harvard Negotiation Principles can help us become better negotiators.

Is negotiation ‘cheap’, as in haggling at a flea market? Is it appropriate when discussing important things like contracts?

No, it isn’t ‘cheap’ at all! It’s a core skill to make you professionally successful and attractive as a candidate in the labour market. You’ll need this skill for contract and salary negotiations, but that’s just the beginning. Discussions about distributing scarce goods or even full-blown conflicts are essentially negotiations.

In this talk, we’ll gain some insights into the Harvard Negotiation Principles, which teach us how to stand up for our interests and values while respecting the other side and ideally forging win-win situations in a dialogue between partners, not adversaries.

Are you already curious to learn more about the topic before enjoying our talk?

Harvard Law School, where the Negotiation Principles were developed, which we´re using in this workshop, hosts a Program on Negotiation, where you can find lots of texts and case studies on the topic.

In our Career resources section, we have collected info about Salary and contract negotiations.

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