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Online and offline

Online and Offline

Of course, online can´t reproduce all elements of personal interaction. However, in-house seminars also can´t reproduce all benefits of online learning and meetings; spatial and temporal flexibility as well as the possibility to learn at one´s own speed to name just a few.

Hobbies in your cv

The girl with the gun

A CV should not only show that you are the right person for the position, but also arouse interest in you. What makes you attractive as a future colleague? Hobbies can be exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Pregnancy issue don´t ask

The pregnancy issue

Not knowing the law pertaining to the hiring of and collaboration with employees as a group leader, however, is dangerous. Otherwise, your research might easily be put on hold because you are asked to appear in court.

Biological age or academic age

Biological age or academic age?

The major research institutions have decided to base their judgement with regard to excellence in research on the academic age (i.e. the years of active research) and not on the biological age (i.e. the years of one’s life). This is meant to even out twists and turns in the CV, such as parental leave. This is an important change of rules.

The termination agreement

The termination agreement

A termination agreement is not a golden handshake, not even a silver one. It’s the beginning of a complex process and a path that you do not go alone. The first point of contact is the works council, and a lawyer should manage your communication with the employer.


Research funding from industry

I am asking whether the attendees have ever considered funding from industry. Fred, who is currently getting ready for his first professorship applications, shoots out a knee-jerk answer, “No, I can´t imagine being drafted to become the extended workbench of a corporation. If I wanted to do that, I’d rather work for them directly and earn more!”

Don´t think 8-8-8

Don´t think 8-8-8

Think about how much time and weight you want to give to the individual parts in your life. The resulting balance should reflect your own wishes- in the long run. The dream that your own, personal balance is being reached every single day is plainly unrealistic.

Decide if, then how

Decide: If, then how

We often procrastinate uneasy decisions. However, in this way they usually do not solve themselves, but undermine our credibility and cause further conflicts down the line. On a rational basis, most people would agree to take decisions quickly as soon as they have enough facts on the table.

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