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Hire only the best: de-bias your workplace

Duration: 60 minutes

Trainer: Philipp Gramlich

Target group: Postdocs and group leaders

Number of participants: No limit

Hiring staff is one of the most crucial processes in scientists´ careers, yet we´re often remarkably 'un-scientific' when it comes to conducting them. Often, first impressions and other superficialities take over our minds as we try to select the best candidates. We end up hiring clones of ourselves.
In this talk, we´ll look at the many pitfalls we´re facing when hiring staff, most of which have to do with confirmation biases. How can we devise a process that will focus our minds on relevant information, how can we look behind facades and how can we critically question our own judgments?
This talk is not only relevant for hiring managers. Biases screw up a whole number of work processes, just think of the interpretation of data ("Oh dear, how I´d love to see a peak here...")! We take the hiring process as a case study, but many of the take-homes can be applied to other work settings as well.

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