Your unique skillset

Your skillset

Competition is fierce. For PhD holders, this means being exposed to an increasingly competitive labour market: often hundreds of applications are received for a single position. Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever.”

Keywords highlights summary eye-catcher

An eye-catcher for your CV

Today it is common to start your CV with a section that depicts the best of your CV and personality for THAT particular job you are applying for. It is a great way to catch the eye of the employer with points that might otherwise end up hidden on the last page of your CV.

Describe your skills

We’re talking about the same thing

We’re talking about the same thing. Fresh graduates are reluctant to describe their skills with terms like project management since they assign such terms solely to industry. It is more helpful if you look at the substance of what you’ve been up to over the last few years; then describe it using terms that are familiar to your readers. This is not bragging, but translation work.

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