Labour law

Pregnancy issue don´t ask

The pregnancy issue

Not knowing the law pertaining to the hiring of and collaboration with employees as a group leader, however, is dangerous. Otherwise, your research might easily be put on hold because you are asked to appear in court.

Biological age or academic age

Biological age or academic age?

The major research institutions have decided to base their judgement with regard to excellence in research on the academic age (i.e. the years of active research) and not on the biological age (i.e. the years of one’s life). This is meant to even out twists and turns in the CV, such as parental leave. This is an important change of rules.

The termination agreement

The termination agreement

A termination agreement is not a golden handshake, not even a silver one. It’s the beginning of a complex process and a path that you do not go alone. The first point of contact is the works council, and a lawyer should manage your communication with the employer.

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