postdoc or not

Postdoc or not?

Shall I do a postdoc or not?
That is a fundamental question that you have to ask yourself before starting to apply for jobs. You should ask yourself what you would like to do in the future.

My last day as postdoc

My last day as postdoc

Today I finished the last day officially being a postdoc. I cried partially because it felt like a breakup. It took 6 years and change of three continents to gain enough clarity that, working as an academic professor is not where I want to be personally and professionally. Have I just failed?

Online and offline

Online and Offline

Of course, online can´t reproduce all elements of personal interaction. However, in-house seminars also can´t reproduce all benefits of online learning and meetings; spatial and temporal flexibility as well as the possibility to learn at one´s own speed to name just a few.

Job interview braving the gaps

In the job interview: Braving the gaps

It´s really hard. I am looking for the perfect replacement for this open position for four months now. In the beginning I was still dreaming of the Allround-Mr-Perfect, but I left this notion far behind me by now. I would already be happy if I would glimpse some potential for this Allround-Mr-Perfect.

Overcoming the PhD Stereotype

Overcoming the PhD Stereotype

When I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit that there are two main reasons I got a PhD. The first was the realization while earning my undergraduate degree that one doesn’t truly become a scientist with only 4 years of college. If I wanted to become a physicist, I needed a PhD.

Salary and contract negotiations

Management consultant

We are a large consulting and auditing firm with more than 170 000 employees worldwide. KPMG delivers a whole range of consulting services beyond auditing and tax counselling, services in deal advisory and within that segment also strategy, to name but a few.

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