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Time and career management for scientists

Topic area
(Self-) management

Online workshop with strong self-learning focus

2 webinars of 2-2.5 h each plus extensive self-learning work = 2 workshop days

Karin Bodewits

Target group
PhD students and postdocs


Every week has 7 days, 168 hours or 10080 minutes… a lot of time to do a lot of things! Still, many of us suffer from the feeling of always having too little of it. You might not think about how you want to spend it and how to distribute it between your career, family, friends and hobbies. These are also no easy questions with answers to be found in a textbook – the ‘ideal schedule’ is simply too different from one person to the other.
During this online workshop, we will analyse the individual schedules of the week and pro-vide tools and ideas to make the best use of your time investment. Furthermore, we will discuss how to balance science and life in different contexts and plan your days in a flexible work environment.
The aim is not only to work more efficiently and reduce personal stress, but also to be more satisfied and successful in your career and personal life.


In this course you´ll learn about:


  • The basic principles of time-management
  • What do I want to achieve this year professionally and personally?
  • Your 168 hours: How much do you actually work? How much of this is towards your goals?
  • For what to spend time?
  • How to (not) schedule your calendar?
  • E-mails, meetings and phone calls
  • Science-life balance

All participants receive a script of the course in PDF format for offline and future use so that they can work through the material offline as well as after the course. 


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Course Flow Online Workshops

Day 1

Live Webinar

  • Course introduction
2-3 Weeks

The participants work individually through the materials (eBooks, podcasts, movies, example posters) and assignments.

The instructor provides regular feedback.

Week 3

Closing live Webinar

  • Wrap-up
  • Feedback


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