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Scientific posters: design and pitching

Topic area
Science communication

Online or in-house workshop

3 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 2 workshop days

Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich or Jo Richers or Marloes ten Kate

Target group
PhD students and postdocs


An effective poster presentation requires a cleverly designed poster, appropriate use of language and special techniques in presenting. This course will give you the skills you need to create professional, attractive and high-impact posters and allow you to practice the communication skills required to make your research interesting and accessible to your audience.


In this course you´ll learn about:

  • Your audience and their needs
  • Crafting the ‘story’ of your poster
  • Design posters – structures, layout, software, colours, lures, visual impact and best/ worst-practice examples
  • Graphical abstracts
  • How to present your data
  • How to write an engaging abstract
  • Dialogues & Q&A sessions
  • The communication skills needed to make your research interesting and accessible to your audience
  • Basic self-presentation skills – presenting yourself, your research and the poster

All participants receive a script of the course in PDF format for offline and future use so that they can work through the material offline as well as after the course. 


This workshop can be combined with Oral presentations: Online and offline and Self-presentation and networking to give the integrated 3-5 day programme At the conference

Interested to dive deeper into the topic of conference formats? You might be interested to read about our Research project: Conference formats

Course Flow Online Workshops

Day 1

Live Webinar

  • Kick-off
  • What´s a successful conference?


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Day 2

Live Webinar

  • Poster design


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Day 3

Live Webinar

  • Poster pitching


  • Individual and group course work (online and offline)
Weeks 2-3
Individual written or oral feedback from the instructor
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