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Years not lost: How to stay attractive for industry

Years not lost: How to stay attractive for industry while working in academia?

Duration: 60 minutes

Trainer: Philipp Gramlich

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Number of participants: No limit

You do research at uni and love your work. However, you don´t want to run into a dead-end street, being kicked out of the ivory tower in your early forties. Can you prepare yourself for a possible exit strategy, increasing your market value while working in academic research?

With this presentation, we want to take a look at how you can make the most out of your time at uni. What is it actually, that makes the employers out there keen to get to know you?

We´ll take a look at activities, which not only increase your market value but which give you personal growth and which you will enjoy!

And your professor? She´ll be happy with your extracurricular activities if she profits from having skilled staff. And if not? Then we can look at a couple of “sales strategies”.


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