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The academic track

The academic track

Topic area: Career development

Format: Online or in-house workshop

Workload: 3 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 1.5 workshop days

Trainer: Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Are you dreaming of becoming a professor one day? Or, are you just not sure yet if this is the ‘right’ career path for you? Then this online workshop is the perfect way to find out more about the academic track, what universities are looking for, and how to plan your career strategically.

In this course you will learn…

  • About the academic track; what is it like?
  • The academic portfolio; what do you need to achieve to become a professor?
  • Introspection; is this the ‘right’ path for me?
  • Planning the academic career; when is a good time for what?

Course flow online

Curious to read more about the topic before enjoying this workshop?

You might be interested in our Chemistry World article "How to become a professor" or our interview "No risk, no fun! – My career in academia" with Dr. Eloi Montanez.


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