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Navigating social media for scientists

Navigating social media

Topic area: Communication

Format: Online workshop

Workload: 2-4 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 1-2 workshop days

Trainer: Karin Bodewits

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by now, are no longer a new thing. Also, for scientists, social media platforms have become an integral networking tool to connect globally, exchange research ideas and advance careers. But, what’s a proper way for scientists to make use of these platforms? In this online workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the current state of digital science communication. You will learn how scientists can integrate social media into their activities — in a helpful and productive way. The workshop advocates a reflected media usage that keeps a close eye on how and when it is recommended for you to 'go online'.


In this workshop you will …

  • Find professional assistance in clarifying your objectives for engaging with social media. Why should I consider social media? What are my goals?
  • Find help in figuring out which of the many media platforms is the right one for you.
  • Find assistance on how social media may help you explore your career options (e.g. after a PhD or postdoc).
  • Take first steps towards brushing up your personal professional online profiles.

Course flow online

Social media course flow

In between the sessions you are expected to work approximately one hour with the course materials provided to debrief or prepare the next session. Individual coaching sessions with the instructor will be scheduled on the first day of the course.


Interested to learn more about the topic before enjoying our workshop?

We have created a series of podcast interviews with scientists about their social media experiences.


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