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Graduated and now? – A look at career options

Duration: 60 minutes

Trainer: Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Number of participants: No limit

You have just finished your science degree or will do so in the near future? What could come next and how to prepare for this big step in your career?

In this talk, we´ll look at the (alternative) career options that young scientists have once they have graduated.

  • How can you learn about these (alternative) career options apart from the obvious internet search? Can you look beyond the self-marketing of potential future employers?
  • How can you prevent frozen accidents, homing into an option before you considered all that is out there for you?
  • How can you prevent that your own prejudices limit your view? Are some job types really unpleasant or dumb, or do you just blindly follow someone else´s viewpoint?
  • Most importantly, the options you explore need to fit you- your situation, your interests and your values. How can you analyse yourself in order to have a good starting point for your search?


Are you already curious to learn more about the topic before enjoying our talk?

Then you can browse through jobvector´s "Karrieretrends" (in German) or our own collection of (Alternative) career options with links to our own blog articles about the specific career paths. We also recorded a series of podcast interviews with scientists about their career paths.

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