Everything you don´t learn in the lab

Captivate an audience - about science communication & storytelling

Topic area
Science communication

Online or in-house talk

Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich

Target group
PhD students, postdocs and group leaders


Do you need to present your science and think it is a good idea to jump headlong to your results and not lose valuable time? If you present your work to your supervisor, this might be fine, but any other audience is unlikely to be enthusiastic.

You’ll learn how to captivate an audience with good scientific communication and storytelling techniques during this interactive talk.

You’ll learn…

  • About storytelling in science and crafting analogies.
  • How to start and finish a presentation.
  • How to engage your audience while discussing your results.
  • About crafting engaging titles.
  • How to ensure a lively Q&A session?

This talk can be booked as a stand-alone activity, but is also often booked a couple of weeks before a retreat or conference. It helps participants to prepare their presentations. And, due to the interactive nature of the talk, participants will learn more about each other’s research during the talk.


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If you want to expand on this talk, our full workshop Storytelling for scientists might be interesting. 

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