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Score your first job: the application phase

Score your first job: the application phase

Duration: 60 minutes

Trainer: Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Number of participants: No limit

You have your degree in hand or will soon do so and know which job types suit you well. How to score your first job? How to navigate the application phase well, so that you don´t have to write hundreds of applications and don´t have to go for a B-option?

Natural- and life sciences are very popular fields of study at the moment. Although this is a welcome trend as such, it can translate into a tough ride when applying for the first job- competition can be fierce!

In this talk, we´ll look at tips and pitfalls for the application documents as well as the job interview.

  • Who will read your documents and how to impress all types of readers with one and the same document?
  • How can you write applications which make you stick out of a crowded field, that catch the readers´ attention?
  • Which information is best suited for the cover letter, which is for the CV and which should go out completely?
  • How can you make a convincing impression during the job interview?
  • How can you navigate tricky questions and why are they asked in the first place?


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