Everything you don´t learn in the lab

Film your science

Topic area
Science communication

Online or in-house workshop

1-4 webinars of 2-2.5 h each = 1/2 – 2 workshop days

Erik den Boer

Target group
MSc students, PhD students and postdocs


Do you want to learn to communicate your science visually without spending excessive time or money? In this workshop, you’ll learn to make appealing short films about your research with equipment as simple as your smartphone.
We will teach you everything necessary to make good and useful footage for your own video in half a day to two days. We will practice composition, camera movements and a large diversity of shots online or in person.

You will get to work on your own science film, a take-home resource you can use directly for your science communication and self-marketing. We guide you through the production process with two primary assignments of growing complexity, which will refine your film step by step. You will practice using your smartphone as a videocamera, and we will discuss the results. We will pay special attention to the sound because any presentation or interview will be worthless if the sound is weak. In the more extended versions of the course, we will also pay attention to interviewing, presenting, and the basics of editing.

Practical remarks

Participants can use their smartphones for the recording; you need no special equipment. A big plus would be to buy an external 25 € microphone. If you want to use different equipment or lack access to a smartphone with suitable recording capabilities, then please get in touch with Erik before the workshop.

Optional extra


Do you want your participants to leave the course with a semi-professional film that is good enough to be hosted on the institute’s homepage or in a similar professional setting? Then you can book Erik’s professional video/ audio editing as an additional highlight of this workshop.

Do you want to go larger?


You can combine Erik’s workshop with Marloes’s Be your own journalist, which focuses on the scientist in front of the camera. She teaches scientists how to share their stories in a short, clear, and appealing way. So you know exactly what to say in front of the camera! Erik’s workshop focuses on the work behind the camera. As a two-trainer combo, they can give participants a full view of how participants can enhance their digital presence- in social media or even in front of a tv camera!

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