Write for us

Do you have a topic in mind that you would love to write about for NaturalScience.Careers? We very much welcome input from others! Here you can read how it works. Is something unclear or do you want to make sure your topic is interesting to us before starting to write? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. How do I submit an article?

You send your article, including a title and a teaser (for social media) in a word document to info@naturalscience.careers . Please send us a few sentences about yourself as well (including your real name, country of residence, highest obtained degree as well as your current occupation).

2. What happens after submitting an article?

You hear within 5 working days if we accept it for publication. If you feel that 5 working days is too long for your article (e.g. if it is a hot topic currently in the news), please add „urgent“ to the subject of your email. We will then process your article as soon as possible.

3. Anyone excluded from writing for us?

No. You do not need to have a degree in one of the natural sciences or closely work (together) with natural scientists. However, we do very much welcome articles from young scientists that would like to try their hand on writing!

4. Do I need to have my name attached to the article?

No, you can write anonymously or under a pseudonym as well. We would prefer you writing under your own name, but understand that some topics are too sensitive for this. You do need to make this clear when you submit your article to us.

5. What should the target group be for my article?

Natural scientists; not necessarily exclusively so, but at least it should interest them.

6. What kind of topics can I write about?

Basically, you can write about anything that is career/ work related and you think is interesting to share with the community.

It could for example be an experience you made during a job interview or a business trip. Or your reasons to stay at or leave a certain career path. Or your first 100 days in your new job…. science & life balance, postdoc or not, moving countries, parenthood & career, etc.

You can also submit an interview you conducted. However, we do need a confirmation of the person you interviewed before we can publish it.

Stress, burn-out, depression…

Successes, moments of happiness…

Tips you would like to give young scientists on their way.

Or a book review…


7. Any tips for writing?

  • Write entertaining! Ask someone to read it to get a second opinion before submitting it to us.
  • Your articles can be critical, but please avoid being merely negative.
  • Be creative!


8. How long should my text be?

Somewhere between 500 and 800 words is a nice length for most topics. If your text is long it would be good to add some quotes or subchapters to make it more readable on screen.


9. Can I add links to my text?

Yes, you can. However, we reserve the right to include the link or not. If you want to add a link, please add it as a comment in your text.


10. Can I add pictures/ movies to my post?

Yes, you can add pictures (e. g. graphs) and photos. However, they need to be license free plus we would need to know the exact source.

You can find license free photos on sites like pexels.com. You can also add a photo of yourself as the author and/ or a photo or illustration you made.

You can add movies as well. The easiest would be to upload them on YouTube and send us the link of the movie you would like to imbed.


11. Will my article be edited?

Most likely! However to which extent we edit it depends on the quality you deliver. You will always see the „final version“ (and have the possibility to object) before it will be published.


12. In which languages can I write?

English or German. In some cases, we might translate your blog to the other language.


13. Do I get paid for my article?

No. You write for fun and fame. J


14. What kind of articles will not be published?

  • Articles that areoffensive ordiscriminatingor grosslyviolatewhatis important to us.
  • Articles of which we believe is not of any interest to our readers
  • Articles that are pure advertisement for another company or organisation (please contact us to discuss possibilities for advertisement).
  • Boring ones.


15. Can I use the article myself?

Yes, but please refer back to the original publication at NaturalScience.Careers . And you are of course more than welcome to spread the word about your article on social media and through other channels.