Two genders, ten cultures, one lab- how we communicate


A talk by: Karin Bodewits or Philipp Gramlich

Length: +/- 45 – 60 minutes

A more global economy, international work environments and the increase of females holding leadership positions, all have an impact on our work environment as well as our society as a whole. This diversification of teams brings a lot of advantages, but also challenges. Hence, a good understanding of each other’s communication styles and behaviours is one of the keys to professional success.

Do men really not listen and do females really always complain? And, why does this foreign colleague say “yes”, but means “no”? How do I collaborate effectively around the globe? And, are misunderstandings really inevitable? Cross-cultural barriers and gender-specific communication will be discussed in this talk. Self-assertiveness will be given special attention, as it influences many situations. When looking at differences across gender- or cultural borderlines, we follow the principle: “Benchmark, not imitate”- we want to learn from the differences, but not try to copy behaviour, which doesn´t suit our personality.


Contact point:

Karin Bodewits (, tel: +49 (0)89 99 016 971