Score your first job: how to apply and how to make it YOUR interview


A talk by: Philipp Gramlich

Length: +/- 45 – 60 minutes


With the number of science graduates sharply increasing since many years, smarter tactics are necessary to score your dream job.

In this talk, we´ll look at how you can explore the hidden job market (much less crowded!) and avoid some common fallacies. Hey, did you actually get trained to behave like that during your time in research?

What should you (not) do when writing your application documents and why you should think of a fish when doing so.

Almost there… but you still have to make it through the interview. We´ll learn why you should walk through a forest before starting the job interview, why your bicycle is one of the best places to train for the interview and what is so “relaxed” about a stress interview.


Contact point:

Philipp Gramlich (, tel: +49 (0)89 99 016 971