For female scientists

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The aim of ScienceMums is to support female natural scientists succeed in their careers. We offer information, advice and coaching for (female) natural scientists. We offer:

  • Private coaching to support your work as a female natural scientist
  • The ScienceMums info centre with practical information for the working female natural scientists
  • The ScienceMums library with our scholarly texts on Women in Science and recommended readings



ScienceMums has a longer history than NaturalScience.Careers:



Philipp Gramlich (co-founder of ScienceMums and NaturalScience.Careers) appears with a founder portrait in Laborjournal (6/2014 S.48-49 Author: Winfried Köppele)


In the Süddeutsche Zeitung (08-11-2014) a nice article about ScienceMums written by Tobias Birzer appeared.ScienceMums_SZ


Read about us in the monthly journal “Nachrichten aus der Chemie” (Vol. 62, Januar 2014, S104).






You could read about us in the Deutsche Universitätszeitung (DUZ) Europa.

DUZ cover


Read about us in Biologie in unserer Zeit (BIUZ). This article has been written by Tobias Birzer.



Karin Bodewits (co-founder of ScienceMums and NaturalScience.Careers) appears with three other scientists in an interview in the online edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

SZ interview Karin Bodewits