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Can a scientist be a good entrepreneur

Can a scientist be a good entrepreneur

Duration: 60 minutes

Trainer: David Giltner

Target group: All (PhD students to professors)

Number of participants: No limit

The career path of the scientist and the entrepreneur seem very different to many people, with each requiring its own unique set of skills, knowledge, and talents. But this expectation is linked to stereotypes about entrepreneurs that are based on the exception rather than the rule. The truth is that many scientists have started their own companies and grown them into successful businesses.


Quite the opposite of the ‘adrenaline junkie risk-taker’ stereotype, these scientists-turned-entrepreneurs analyzed the business opportunity and took a calculated risk. And while starting a new company certainly has risks, taking those risks can result in a big reward. Those scientists who have been successful now enjoy the reward of providing both products and employment for many others. They have made their own significant and unique dent in the universe.


Successful entrepreneurs learn quickly that there is often no single ‘right answer’ to the questions they face when building their companies. For a scientist who has been trained in the skills and habits of looking for right answers, this is often a shift in thinking. At TurningScience, we say that being successful in any capacity in the private sector requires understanding that ‘It’s a game, not a formula.’


If you’ve ever suspected that perhaps that new technique you developed in the lab could be turned into something that would make the world a better place, you should consider this talk. And if you have ever thought about starting your own company, then this talk is definitely for you!  We will review the stories of successful scientists-turned-entrepreneurs and discuss the lessons that they have learned on their journeys so you know what you need and what you need to watch out for. We will also explore the strengths that make them successful - strengths that you likely possess as well!


You might be interested in two blog articles we wrote about this topic: Setting up your own business as a natural scientist? When will it pay off? and The self-employed scientist.

David Giltner himself recorded a video addressing the topic.

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