Online academy

Our online courses and blended learning activities can be booked now and will be available from January 2020.

Our online topics

  • Time, life and career management for natural and life scientists (Stand-alone online course, 15 hours, 0.5 ECTS)
  • Goodbye academia? (Blended learning activities with our on-site seminars)
  • Scientific poster design (Stand-alone online or blended learning with our on-site seminar, 6 hours, 0.2 ECTS)

NSC online career and soft-skill courses for natural and life scientists

Who can participate?

Our online courses have been designed for graduate schools, universities and research institutes. Within these organisations, we specifically target PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and PIs from the natural and life sciences.

Our online courses provide a private space for your researchers. We open individual courses for specific research institutes, universities and graduate schools. Their participants enjoy their own environment for themselves- just like with in-house seminars, meaning their profiles are only visible to other participants from that very same organisation. Participants can interact with each other in a familiar and safe environment and exchange information that is relevant in their particular environment.

Material, methods and audio-visual media

Participants all learn differently and have different learning style preferences. Some like learning with videos, others prefer to read a text. Some would like to interact and exchange with other course participants, others prefer a solitary working style. We try our best to accommodate to all learning styles and create unique educational experiences.

We use eBooks, PDFs, videos, audio, transcripts of the videos and audio files, interviews with experts and additional info about additional topics. Furthermore, we encourage participants to join the discussion table with their peers and course instructors on the community platform.

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded. The threshold for awarding these will be set together with the coordinators.

Schedule and estimated duration of the course

NSC online career and soft-skill courses for natural and life scientists

Our online courses and blended learning activities will range from 3 hours to 15 hours workload. On top of this, participants are encouraged to spend time on reading material, online peer-to-peer coaching, etc.,

Some courses are Stand-alone online courses, while others are blended learning activities, which can be combined with in-house seminars.

While our online activities will have specific start and end dates and are instructor-led, all is designed to be flexible and to not require participants to be online at any specific day of the week or time of the day.

Courses and blended learning activities are usually open for 3 – 6 weeks (for assignments, interaction with peers and instructors) and online course material can be accessed for an additional 12 months after the course finished.

Unless otherwise stated, all materials used in the courses and activities will be available on our online platform. For some courses eBooks will be sent to the participants as a reference and workbook for offline use.

Throughout the duration of the courses and activities interaction with fellow participants is being encouraged and individual questions can be asked to the tutor (response time max. 72h).

Career and soft skill workshops for scientists

For some courses and activities, your course instructor will schedule a preparatory and wrap-up webinar during which participants can be online together, will be introduced to the course and each other, and will attend a feedback session at the end of the course. These webinars will be recorded so that those who are unable to be online during that particular time are still able to access the material.


Please contact us to receive additional information and an offer.

Course instructors

Dr. Karin Bodewits, Dr. Philipp Gramlich and Peter Kronenberg