Negotiation seminar

shutterstock_112579040Negotiation does not only happen on the flea market. It is one of the most important professional skills for virtually every type of profession. And it gets more important the further you move up the ladder. Look at the gender wage gap as an example. While frying burgers at McDonalds is a showcase for gender equality, management isn´t! The gender wage gap, adjusted for professional choices and working hours, grows from zero to 20% as you change from a chicken costume into finer dress! Discrimination and biases account for some of this, but can hardly explain this steep increase. At higher positions you can and should negotiate! And salary is by far not the only thing you´ll negotiate about throughout your (professional) life: where to go on holidays with your partner, how to arrange yourself with the trumpet-playing neighbour and why your spoiled brat should eat her veggies, all these more or less fierce negotiations boil down to the same overarching principles.

But is there anything you can do about your negotiation skills? Yes! Negotiating is a matter of practice as many others skills and can be learned. Many of the characteristics of a good negotiator are actually quite sympathetic ones and have nothing to do with ripping people off in shabby deals: building relationships, good communication skills and a solid preparation.



Seminar: Negotiation

Duration: 1 dayDr. Philipp Gramlich

Course type: 30% theory, 70% practical examples

Trainers: Philipp Gramlich

Number of participants: Max. 12

This seminar can be tailored to a female-only or mixed audience.

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