Navigating social media as a scientist

Seminar PDF

Duration: 1 day

Course type: In-house seminar

Trainer: Peter Kronenberg

Target group: PhD students and postdocs

Number of participants: Max. 12

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by now, are no longer a new thing. Also for scientists, social media platforms have become an integral networking tool to connect globally, exchange research ideas and results and advance careers. But, what’s a proper way for scientists to make use of these platforms?

In this workshop part, you will gain a better understanding on the current state of digital science communication. In detail, you will learn how scientists may integrate social media into their activities — in a helpful and productive way. We advocate a reflected media usage that keeps a close eye on how and when it is recommended for you to ‘go digital’.


Seminar contents



… should I consider social media usage?



… are my objectives for engaging in social media?

Which ..?


… social media platforms are working best for me?


… can social media help me further my career?

… can I get started? First steps to brush up my professional online profiles

This course can be combined very well with Self-presentation and networking.



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