We coach female scientists!

Coaching for Female Scientists

MumsCoach: Coaching for Female Scientists


This coaching is fully customised to your individual wishes and needs. Popular coaching topics are:

♦ Where do I want to go, what are my possibilities, can/ should I plan my career with or without family?

♦ Applying for jobs as a woman with and without kids

♦ Gender-specific aspects at work

♦ Science-life balance

Regular prices: 1st hour of coaching costs 80 € incl. taxes. Thereafter we charge 60  €/ hour incl. taxes.

(PhD) student prices: 1st hour of coaching costs 60 € incl. taxes. Thereafter we charge 35  €/ hour incl. taxes.

What we need from you:

– Your CV (alternatively a fully updated LinkedIn or XING profile).

How it works:

  1. You write an email with your CV or LinkedIn profile attached to
  2. We send you a short questionnaire that you answer and send back to us. Aim of this is to let us prepare optimally for your coaching.
  3. We plan a Skype or telephone appointment at a convenient time for you.
  4. If you booked more than 1 hour of coaching you will get “home work” and we plan a new coaching session for 1-2 weeks later.

Are you interested and would like to know more about the different possibilities? Please contact us.