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Use this UNESCO tool to find the % of women researchers within academia, and the public and private sector by country!

UNESCO - Women In Science Interactive

From South to North: Female Scientists in Europe

In this article that we published in Chemistry Today we examine the problems faced by women in Europe who wish to combine a career in science with family life, focusing on the situation in Italy, Germany and Sweden. However, the article offers plenty of inspiration on what to look for/ avoid if you look for if you would like to combine motherhood with a career in science.

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Women in science: Clogging the leaky pipeline

Should we stop persuading women to study life sciences? – a field in which they face unique challenges.

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Photo: yes; kids: NO!- Tips for higher success rates for your CV

How much personal data should you give when applying, what is a must? Read our blog post about providing personal data to potential employers.

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