Stranded abroad- extension session!


Exiting the ivory tower: what it takes to transition from academia into the private sector

January 15th, 20:00-21:30 (CET)

We´ll have a fireside chat with the chemist, Dr. Jochen Bergmann, Sales Director at Solvias.
Jochen is a trained food chemist and has worked at the bench, analyzing
everything from foodstuff to dietary supplements to raw materials and
finished drug products. In 2014, he changed from the lab coat to a nice
suit and focuses on creating and fostering good business relationships
in a Business-to-Business environment. You can check his LinkedIn profile.

We´ll discuss how to transition to industry. To give you an idea of the questions we can discuss:

  • What areas can I start in and how can I develop a career?
  • What do I bring to the table as a freshly minted graduate?
  • How do I look for the dream job?

In order to join, please register here for our zoom meeting (max. 100 participants).

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