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Developing profitable technology products

Wie können Sie profitable Produkte entwickeln?

Dauer: 60 Minuten

TrainerIn: David Giltner

Zielgruppe: Alle (Promovierende bis ProfessorInnen)

Anzahl Teilnehmende: Keine Begrenzung

Product development is the exciting application of scientific knowledge to engineer a solution to a problem. It’s the activity where knowledge is transferred from books and journal articles into real solutions, and it is where science finds its true value. But strong technical skills are only part of what’s needed to develop a profitable technology product. Successful products need to be scalable, reliable, and most of all, profitable. How do product development teams come together and turn science into things people need in an efficient and effective way?


At TurningScience, we emphasize that most of what is done in the private sector doesn’t have a single ‘right way’ to do it. The slogan we use is ‘It’s a game, not a formula’, and product development certainly follows this principle. But while there may not be a single ‘right way’, there are definitely good practices and bad practices. In this talk, we’ll tell you about both.  Think of us as your coach, giving you the benefit of our experience, and telling you what we think matters most if you want to play a winning game!


Specifically, you will learn the following in this talk:

  • Five critical elements that any successful product must include
  • Two systems for developing successful products
  • One important tool that you can implement right now to help your team achieve the five critical elements


If you are currently a product developer, or if you aspire to become involved in product development, this talk will give you some proven systems and tools and teach you how to apply them at your own company. If you haven’t started your industry career yet, the information that you learn in this talk will be excellent preparation for your first interviews. You will possess insights about product development that most other scientists competing for the same job will not!


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