Time management 8-8-8

Don´t think 8-8-8

„I can´t imagine that these jobs would be family-friendly,“ judges Maya, a PhD student. In our Women and career seminar, she already mentioned that she´s planning to start a family in the next few years. I observe how she is creating space for kids which don´t even exist yet. With a thick pen, she crosses out the […]

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NaturalScience.Careers Seminars

Interview mit einem Qualitätsmanager

Interview mit Christoph Reiter (CR) CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH.   Von Sabrina Kreutz (SK) SK: Schönen guten Abend Herr Reiter, vielen Dank das Sie sich für diesesTelefoninterview Zeit nehmen.CR: Sehr gerne und ich hoffe ich kann Ihnen bei manchen Fragen helfen.SK: Sie arbeiten bei der CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH im Bereich Qualitätssicherung (QS), Was ist […]

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Research funding from industry

In a seminar that we provide for senior postdocs and group leaders, we talk about the topic of funding. After covering the usual suspects, I am asking whether the attendees have ever considered funding from industry. Fred, who is currently getting ready for his first professorship applications, shoots out a knee-jerk answer, „No, I can´t […]

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