Convincing & debating

shutterstock_210860857Technical experts often need to discuss, convince and clarify: Defending their budget decisions towards the general management as well as clarifying to the staff why things are done that way they are. The ability of expressing yourself in a concise and clear manner, using strong arguments, is therefore of utmost importance.

This interactive seminar with role-playing, public speaking exercises, argumentation examples and debates, will help scientists to successfully engage during a wide variety of interactions with other scientists and non-scientists. Your discussions will never be the same again. You will convince your boss to buy this fantastic Mass Spec. You will disarm other people´s arguments against you as you can look behind their facade. And last but not least, you will win on paper (e. g. proposals)!

Public speaking

  • Fear of (public) speaking
  • Resistance
  • Feedback, eye contact, group size

Structuring your argumentation

  • Head, body, tail
  • 3 is it!
  • Style figures (drag the attention)


  • What is debating?
  • How to use debating skills in your professional life?
  • Good arguments & fallacies

Policy statements

  • How to convince that the current policy MUST change!
  • Interpretation & differentiation
  • Problem, cause(s), plan, solutions, consequences, conclusions

Targeting the audience

  • Ad ethos
  • Ad pathos

Variations: Practice makes perfect, and there is always more to learn. Therefore (on request), this course can be expanded by 1 or more extra days.


Seminar: Convincing & debating

Duration: 2 daysPhilipp Gramlich Karin Bodewits 3

Course type: 10% theory, 90% practical examples

Trainers: Karin Bodewits and/ or Philipp Gramlich

Number of participants: Max. 6-14

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