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Career options for scientists

Wanted: Hybrid economist/ natural scientist with an integrated view on consulting

Interview with Dr. Michael Müller, Director at KPMG

Career options for scientists


Good day, Dr. Müller. What kind of company is KPMG exactly?

We are a large consulting and auditing firm with more than 170 000 employees worldwide. KPMG delivers a whole range of consulting services beyond auditing and tax counselling, services in deal advisory and within that segment also strategy, to name but a few.

You are a physicist, how did you as natural scientist get into such a company?

Ever since, I was interested to see the bigger picture and to connect a broad range of expertise and backgrounds in order to get to an integrated solution to a problem. At first I studied mathematics, physics and computer science, followed by a PhD in physics.

I started my career at Bayer in the technological section, eventually leading a business unit with 600 staff. My tasks at the time were extremely multi-faceted: technology, sales, economics. I was working on the strategy development of Bayer´s business units. During all these years, I always had a high staff responsibility and had to conduct a whole range of exit interviews in the context of the sale of a company.

I subsequently founded my own consulting company, which was specialised in headhunting, coaching and strategy consulting for medium-sized enterprises. By word of mouth, the business quickly took hold. Six years later, I engaged with Stratley, a consulting boutique, which was specialised in the chemical industry and managed to win the Hidden Champion Award 2012. Three years ago, Stratley was bought by KPMG, which brought me into the position as Director at KPMG.…

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