Women & career

Seminar PDF

Duration: 2 days

Course type: 50% theory, 50% practical examples

Trainer: Karin Bodewits (optionally + Philipp Gramlich)

Number of participants: Max. 12


This seminar is for female-only audiences


Since a few decades the rights of women and in particular of working women have changed dramatically. But does this also translate into a world full of possibilities or are we still stuck in the process of climbing the various ladders under the glass roof? This seminar will give you guidance on how to navigate your life as a working female scientist.


Seminar contents

(Family-friendly) work environments

  • University or industry… or somewhere else?
  • Working cultures in Europe

Getting a job

  • The importance of networking, collaborating and presenting your research
  • Your application
  • How to prepare yourself
  • Dress code
  • The job interview
  • Salary negotiations and gender wage gap
  • Legal aspects

In the job

  • You made it! What to expect
  • Have a good start
  • Where is my seat? Gender-specific behaviour
  • Leadership as a woman
  • Hormones: legal highs for women?
  • Setting targets
  • Work-life balance

Mothers at work and in our society

  • Dead-end street motherhood? Is there the perfect time to have children?
  • Social pressures and norms
  • Practicalities: nursery places and more
  • Double career couples
  • Legal aspects
  • Political framework
  • What about my partner?
  • Communication towards your employer

Work-life balance

Taking care of your job, yourself and your family- how to get it all done?

Internal and external factors

How you and others see yourself and how this can make you stronger or weaker



Karin Bodewits (k.bodewits@naturalscience.careers) or Philipp Gramlich (p.gramlich@naturalscience.careers )/ Tel: +49 (0)89 99 016 971