CV and cover letter check

Do you want to make sure your application documents raise the necessary attention- but not with the same “hilarious” pitfalls you stumbled across last time? Do you want your documents checked by the ScienceScout experts and receive individual coaching to boost a certain part of the application process you feel insecure about? Then choose from our packages below or contact us for your individual offer.

ScoutBasishutterstock_141947875c – The package includes:

1) Two rounds of analysis of 1 CV + 1 cover letter

2) 45 minute personal consultations (phone or Skype)

Price: 140,- € incl. taxes

CV check Natural ScientistsScoutAdvanced – The package includes:

1) Two rounds of analysis of 1 CV + 2 cover letters (for two different positions)

2) 60 minute personal consultations (phone or Skype)

Price: 190,- € incl. taxes

Detailed information

What do we analyse?

  • content, language usage, and style throughout the document (we provide alternative formulations and styles where necessary)
  • spelling
  • fit of the application with the employer, yourself and the position

Any other specials?
…as with all NaturalScience.Careers offers: free language choice (German or English) without extra cost.

We´re available for consultations from 7:00-17:00 and 20:00-22:00 Monday to Friday. If other times are required to accommodate for your professional and/or private obligations, please contact us directly”?

This is how it works:

  1. You send your documents (CV, cover letter, job description) to and indicate times (from three days after sending the documents onwards) that would be convenient for you to have the personal consultation.
  2. You receive your analysed documents within three business days and we arrange an appointment for a consultation. (An express service is available on request.)
  3. You work over your documents with the help of our advice and send them to us a second time.
  4. You receive your documents with our final comments and feedback within three business days as well as a bill for the package.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or personalised packages.



“I was very satisfied with your advice. It helped me to avoid irrelevant details and to bring everything right to the point and to present it nicely. With this help it was possible to bring across all my main messages effortlessly and on little space.”

Dr. André Müller


“Having succeeded in going through the initial steps of a selection process, through the advise from the coach, I learned that a lot of my chances at the final stage are down to good negotiation skills. It’s a key skill to learn and to work on. Thanks for that! It may make a big difference on what to get out of the whole process.”

Dr. Judith Cerit


90 decisive seconds of the interview… Pitch it!

In most job interviews you will get the possibility to give your own “sales pitch”. It is the answer you give to THE classical question “tell me about yourself”, that mostly follows after a few icebreaking questions about your travel experiences to the company and if you would like to have something to drink. It is probably the most important question to nail as it greatly influences the overall impression the interviewer gets from you and it sets the tone for the rest of the interview. But how (not) to pitch?

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