Job portals for scientists

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

International job ads/ general info



Large career blog and large collection of internationally relevant job postings from industry and academia.


Science Careers

Like Naturejobs, lots of info and job postings for natural sciences. Is based on the US market, some info therefore needs to be adapted, job section more extensive for US market than for Europe.



Belgian site with jobs and career-related info for PhD holders.



German-French foundation for PhD holders. Recruitment and career development.


Find a PhD/Find a PostDoc

International platforms for … you guessed it.


Euroscience Jobs

Focused on job ads for postdocs.



International jobs specifically for the pharma sector.,,

Large general job postings sites- international with local subsites. Some are “mere” aggregator sites for other sources you´ll have to filter more, but might stumble across unexpected finds. Always include sections for career tools like CV checks, blogs about career options etc.



Specialised platform for life science and clinical research experts. It´s not just a passive platform, but can act as a filter- for the applicants as well as for the companies. The first selection round might be done via them (phone interviews) if the employer wishes to do so, you as applicant can let their machine learning algorithm filter postings for you. Don´t allow postings from headhunters so that every job comes directly from the eventual employer.



Platform of the European Commission for academic positions.


European patent office


Local platforms of technology parks


These are just a couple of examples. They often also print a book (you normally can get it for free) and/ or list all companies in the area online (great for open applications!). Examples:


Jobs at research institutes


Regulatory affairs

Regulatory affairs professional society, offering job ads and certifications.

Specialised site for job seekers in the field of regulatory affairs.



International recruiter for life sciences.

International recruiter for lots of specialisations.


German job ads

Mainly industry jobs in Germany. For this segment it is becoming a pretty established “standard”.


National newspapers

Large job ads section with good filtering function. As high-class daily newspaper, it naturally caters well for the highly educated job sectors.

THE platform for all jobs and info around patent law. Please note that many patent law offices specifically mention on their homepage that they welcome open applications.



It´s from the German „Arbeitsagentur“ and contains an extremely large collection of job postings due to the central tasks of the Agentur.


Aggregator sites,

Large general job postings sites for Germany. As they are aggregator sites for other sources, you´ll have to filter more, but might also stumble across unexpected finds. 

THE portal (info and jobs) for academic jobs in Germany. Lots of very insightful texts for career starters, not only in the academic world.


German patent office

Aggregator site for jobs which are somehow related to pharma industry in a broad sense.


Listserv Uni Heidelberg

List of mostly PhD and postdoc positions plus a few administrative positions in academia, mostly from Germany.


SciTec career

Science and engineering job posts in German-speaking countries, mostly industry. Geographical filter function only at country level.

Relatively short list with jobs in chemistry, but therefore with excellent filtering function.

Part of with identical structure. A short list of jobs in biomedical fields, but again with excellent filtering function.


Local platforms of technology parks



They often also print a book (you normally can get it for free) and/ or list all companies in the area online (great for open applications!). Examples:


Biotech Bavaria



STERN region (southwestern Germany):

Baden-Württemberg: here´s a useful and searchable database of the clusters of Baden-Württemberg:


German Public Services

Consult also the websites of the ministries of education (e.g. or the regional minstries).


Consulting jobs


Individual Employers


Large industry for biologists & chemists

Please note that some of the big players prefer to use their own company job platforms for applications instead of job ads to platforms. In this case you´ll have to search their individual sites. Of course this list is just an appetizer and does not attempt to be a complete one. (Novartis group) (Roche) (Qiagen) (Boehringer Ingelheim) (Procter & Gamble) (BASF) (Bayer) (Bio- Rad) (Clariant) (Eppendorf) (Merck) (Sanofi)


Technical & management consultancy

Most consultancy companies welcome open applications. Here a few ideas of companies to look into.


Large management consultant firms (McKinsey) (BCG) (Roland Berger) (KPMG) (accenture)


Technical consultants (Basycon) (Parexel)


Testing labs

German association of testing labs, more than 1000 registered companies, which you can search in a database. Also provides lots of background info about the sector in general.