Intercultural communication & genderlect

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Duration: 1 day

Course type: 50% theory, 50% practical examples

Trainer: Karin Bodewits (optionally + Philipp Gramlich)

Number of participants: Max. 12


This seminar can be tailored to a gender-specific audience if desired


A more global economy, international work environments and the increase of women holding leadership positions, all have an impact on our work environment as well as our society as a whole. This diversification of teams brings a lot of advantages, but also challenges. Hence, a good understanding of each other’s communication styles and behaviours is one of the keys to professional success.

Do men really not listen and do females really always complain? And, why does this foreign colleague say “yes”, when he means “no”? How can I collaborate effectively around the globe? And, are misunderstandings really inevitable? In this seminar, cross-cultural barriers and gender-specific communication will be discussed and practised.



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